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Empowering Educators, Enterprise and Students for a Future in Blockchain

The First Advanced Diploma of Applied Blockchain

About Us

Blockchain Collective is a leading blockchain education body empowering enterprise, educators and students for a future in blockchain and distributed ledger technologies.

We aim to service the growing demand for qualified and skilled people in the application of blockchain, worldwide.

Our education is aligned to meet industry need of understanding the strategic approach to applying blockchain and DLT to new and existing businesses.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain technology is revolutionising the world as we know it. It reports information in a way that makes it almost impossible to alter or hack.

It is a distributed digitised ledger in which data is stored and distributed across various nodes or blocks rather than being limited to one server or processor.

Blockchain’s decentralised structure makes it immune to any attacks by hackers who are out to steal anything valuable.

Why Study Blockchain?

Blockchain qualifications are in hot demand as the awareness of blockchain technology is increasing, most notably during the pandemic in 2020,

wherein blockchain played a role in improving industry sectors and for people looking for future proof for the skilled-based economy.


Below are 5 reasons you should consider studying Blockchain and you can read more in our blog.

Job prospects will continually grow

Blockchain will be at the forefront of change

Blockchain will revolutionise all industries

Blockchain is global

Moving to a skills-based economy

Education in Blockchain

We envisage proficient, educated and skilled people to support the demand and adoption of blockchain technology, globally.

Drive productivity with existing industries

Designed to equip graduates with the knowledge and experience to apply blockchain frameworks to new and legacy business frameworks.

Develop world-leading digital business capabilities

Be on the forefront of emerging technology and how it can be utilised.

Flexible delivery methods

Delivered through Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), online, blended learning, face-to-face and intensive learning retreats.


Become accredited in Blockchain Application

Become accredited in Blockchain Application

Create future enterprise opportunities

Create future enterprise opportunities

Become a blockchain Master Trainer

Become a blockchain Master Trainer

Opportunity for RTO’s on-scope

Opportunity for RTO’s on-scope

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