6 Reasons Why to Study Blockchain 

Blockchain Courses

6 Reasons Why to Study Blockchain 

Blockchain is the underlying technology that many businesses are implementing into their business models. If you are a business analyst, consultant or project manager it’s important for you to understand how distributed ledger technology will revolutionise your industry and understand the 6 reasons why to study Blockchain. 

Why Should You Study Blockchain?


1. Future-Proofing your Career 

As emerging technology develops many business models that we know today will no longer exist. Upskilling yourself in the world of digital business will assist you in securing your future career. 

2. Job demands are Growing Strong 

As blockchain technology grows more and more job opportunities for qualified blockchain professionals are on the rise. The demand for individuals with the ability to understand the value proposition for business and consumers has grown year on year since 2015. 

3. Industry Disruption 

Many industries will be completely disrupted by distributed ledger technology ranging from, financial, government, health, real estate, supply chain to digital identity. Understanding how your industry can be distributed is critical. 

4. Global Infrastructure 

The Blockchain ecosystem is global and Gartner forecast that blockchain will generate an annual business value of over $3 trillion by 2030 and that up to 20% of global economic infrastructure could be running on a blockchain-based system. 

5. Interoperability 

Blockchain is the technology that can underpin the digital economy, providing the ability to build safe infrastructure for autonomous collaboration with other technologies such as IoT and AI. 

6. Be a Leader in Innovation Blockchain Innovation

The digital revolution has begun and innovation is at the forefront of digitalization. Gaining a knowledge base of blockchain solutions will assist you in being a leader in innovation.

What Blockchain Courses are Available?

Future thinking businesses, enterprises and governments are already preparing for disruptions of emerging technology such as Blockchain, to prepare for this inevitability, Blockchain Collective offers the following courses for you to study the application of blockchain. 

10849NAT Diploma in Applied Blockchain

The Diploma of Applied Blockchain (10849 NAT) provides students with skills in project management and operational roles with applied blockchain. The course consists of six core units and two electives covering topics such as how to incorporate blockchain solutions in the business models, interoperability of other emerging technologies like AI, big data and IoT and the governance of blockchain.

10747NAT Advanced Diploma in Applied Blockchain

This Advanced Diploma of Applied Blockchain (10747Nat) is designed to equip graduates with the proper knowledge and experience in the application of blockchain frameworks to any type of business framework. The course focuses on the strategic planning of applying Blockchain providing students with skills to fulfil the demand for Blockchain business analysis and consultants. The course is formally delivered using Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), online, blended learning, and intensive face-to-face learning. It is composed of six modular units and two elective units. 

Applied Blockchain Intensive 6 week Instructor-Led

This 7-module 6-week intensive course delivers an interactive learning experience designed to give you the fundamental understanding of Blockchain Technologies. The course provides a combination of online resources, real-life examples, and industry-approved content with live, virtual instructor-led sessions delivered by a Qualified Blockchain trainer will provide a firm foundation in the Blockchain world.

Stay Educated with Blockchain Collective

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