Blockchain Collective is Australia's leading Blockchain educator

Offering cutting-edge training is a fantastic way to make Queensland a workforce leader on how to adapt or develop business models to take best advantage of blockchain’s potential and navigate the planning and implementation process.

Our Story

Blockchain Collective is building blocks to transform the digital future for enterprises, educators, and students. We are an empowered community paving the way for the future with advanced technology and passionate individuals.

Our Mission

Blockchain Collective is determined to create a global benchmark for Applied Blockchain Education. The mission is to transform the digital space by designing a curricula that prepares individuals with career and industry-level skills and knowledge. 

Blockchain Collective was started in response to an industry-wide problem, a shortage of skilled individuals in the blockchain industry, and aims to turn that around.

Our mission is to revolutionize the digital realm by crafting a curriculum that equips individuals with the expertise and competencies required for both careers and industry standards.

Why Blockchain

Blockchain qualifications are in hot demand as the awareness of blockchain technology increases. This was notable during the pandemic, where blockchain played a role in improving industry sectors and provided an opportunity for people looking to future-proof their career for an approaching skill-based economy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Blockchain Collective provides a World-Class Accredited Blockchain Education roadmap; offering three comprehensive online courses to be delivered with a worldwide reach. We also deliver corporate training and short intensive courses. To date, we have trained close to 1000 students through workshops, events and accredited training.

Students are able to up-skill and re-skill to become highly employable candidates. These courses focus on a project-based learning model to ensure students are qualified and industry ready to bridge knowledge gaps in the industry by leading projects and providing strategic guidance to businesses. Providing online and project-based learning aligns with the rapid advancement witnessed in digital education technologies, with significant movements from traditional institution-based credentials towards a more dynamic and person-centric approach.

As part of our mission and responsibility to the technology space, we work closely with industry, educational and government bodies to nurture the wider workforce eco-system regarding blockchain technologies.

Blockchain Collective was founded by Austin Lewinsmith and Nathan Burns in response to an industry-wide problem, that being, a shortage of skilled individuals in the blockchain industry.

The purpose of blockchain technology is to have a foundation that can not be altered or hacked and to allow digital information to be recorded and distributed quickly and safely.

Blockchain is already being used in many industries. In the medical space, the ledger technology helps healthcare researchers uncover genetic codes by facilitating the secure transfer of patient medical records. Lawyers are using the blockchain to streamline and simplify their transactional work. The list is endless.

Yes, there is a large skills shortage in the blockchain industry. The aim of this course is to up-skill and re-skill students to become highly employable candidates with industry-ready knowledge.

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