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Interview with Alfred Slogrove, CEO of Study Gold Coast

Interview with Alfred Slogrove, CEO of Study Gold Coast

Alfred Slogrove is the Chief Executive Officer of Study Gold Coast talks about the opportunities available for studying on the Gold Coast and how Blockchain Courses are opening doors in the education sector and what role big data will play in feeding into the narrative around blockchain and the evolution of all tech industries. Gold Coast is now considered regional for international studies and students are opting in for the beach lifestyle for completing their studies. The Gold Coast is a great place for young people to get a good education and have some fun and enjoy themselves while they’re doing it. COVID, has really shown a light on safe destinations around the world. Queensland and the Gold Coast has done really well in terms of COVID numbers and managing. Learn how Alred Slogrove and the Blockchain Collective envision Gold Coast to be one of the technology hubs of Queensland.
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