Blockchain as an Emerging Skill


The Skilled Migration Program is Australia’s way to attract skilled migrants who can make significant contributions to the Australian economy and often fill positions where Australian workers are available. Skilled migrants have very high participation rates in the workforce, helping to stimulate national and regional economic growth, resulting in more jobs and investments. Skills listed under the program widely range from white-collar to blue-collar, and emerging skills are being added to the skills list including blockchain strategist and blockchain project manager. Hopefully, with the recent changes in the Skilled Migration Program by the Joint Standing Committee on Migration, blockchain can emerge further as a needed skill for the Australian economy.

Blockchain skilled migration

Blockchain strategists are in growing demand as the blockchain ecosystem continues to grow globally. Blockchain strategists provide guidelines for businesses to create new flows of value through autonomous decision-making within the organisation by applying blockchain technology systems into their networks. Blockchain strategists will generally have the qualification of an advanced diploma of applied blockchain.

Blockchain Manager is involved within the organisation to develop the plan that will implement the strategic direction of the blockchain business model and deliver the planned flow of value that informs how the Blockchain Strategy will be implemented from applying blockchain technologies. A blockchain project manager will generally have a diploma of applied blockchain.


When the COVID-19 pandemic hit Australia beginning March 2020, Australia lost more than 500,000 temporary working migrants. Because of the crisis, no skilled visa nominations from other countries could be accepted throughout 2020 and up to the first quarter of 2021. 

When the country attempted to open up its economy in March 2021, states and territories also reopened the skilled visa nominations program for skilled migrations. However, in July, all regions temporarily closed the program once again due to further pandemic crises. For now, the Skilled Migration Program reopening has been put on hold in all states and territories pending an improvement to the pandemic in Australia and overseas.


Despite the pandemic crisis and the Skilled Migration Program being on hold in all states and territories, the Joint Standing Committee on Migration held inquiries with various government bodies, industry bodies, and involved individuals up to March 2021. The Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia released their final report of the inquiry into Australia’s Skilled Migration Program in August 2021. 

The committee made a range of 18 recommendations meant to streamline and improve the Skilled Migration Program. Of these recommendations, those mentioned below will have the most significant impact on blockchain technology and perhaps on migrants who list blockchain application as one of their main skills.


Replace skilled migration code with more flexible skilled identification systems. ANZSCO – Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations – is a statistical classification designed to organise data collected about jobs and skills. The classification definitions are based on the skill level and specialisation necessary to perform the tasks of the specific occupation. However, the skill levels do not apply to persons working in any profession.

Based on the above, the committee saw just how rigid and inflexible ANZSCO was to emerging labour market needs and other emerging skills. Accordingly, the committee recommended that the National Skills Commission develop a new skills and occupation identification system for the Skilled Migration Program to adapt to a new generation.

Hopefully, should the changes be made, blockchain technology can be properly identified as an emerging skill and how its application by skilled workers can affect many aspects of business and industry.

Develop acute skills shortage definitions 

Should the committee’s recommendation be considered, this change will address skills shortages in specific areas, what skills may be needed to cover these shortages and the time that can be allotted to fill in shortages.

Blockchain skilled migration

For blockchain technology, this means that:

  • Some skills shortages can be covered by individuals skilled in blockchain applications. When these shortages are filled, said individuals skilled in blockchain could improve specific areas using blockchain.
  • If allowed, some shortages can be filled by individuals after finishing a degree or diploma course, such as with migrant workers who opt to enroll in an Advanced Diploma of Applied Blockchain.


What does the Skilled Migration Program mean for blockchain technology? Soon when the program is finally reopened, migrant workers who are skilled in blockchain, or have the opportunity to enroll in a blockchain diploma course, will have more opportunities to apply their skill, especially if the change recommendations by the committee will be implemented.

The fact that blockchain strategist is one of the skills listed on the skilled migration shortage list and very much needed,  it will only be a matter of time before blockchain becomes a growing demand in business and industry.


The Gold Coast is now classified as a regional area for studying and skilled migration opening more doors for opportunities for international students to live beachside a build a career in an emerging industry. Queensland, Australia is one of the most sought-after places to live and apply for one of the new regional visa. This means you may be able to live and study in the beautiful sunshine state and be eligible to apply for an Australian visa under the 491 or 190 visa streams.

What are the benefits of regional study/skilled visas?

  • Additional 5 points towards skilled migration when you complete your studies in a designated regional area that meets the Australian study requirement.
  • The department of home affairs has a dedicated 25,000 visas specifically for regional locations.
  • Regional visas get priority processing and could potentially speed up the skilled migration process.
  • The possibility of being eligible for the regional occupation list, depending on your qualifications.
  • International students who obtain a bachelor or higher qualification will have the eligibility to apply for an additional year for a 485 post-graduate work visa.
Study blockchain gold coast

To learn more about opportunities studying regionally and what requirements are needed to be eligible contact us today to speak to our preferred registered migration agent to find out the opportunities for you to study blockchain regionally.


The Gold Coast is fasting becoming one of the technology hubs for innovation for small businesses and tech start-ups. The Gold Coast Innovation Hub is leading the transformation of the beautiful beachside destination. The Gold Coast is known for its stunning beaches and considers a popular holiday destination for people all over the world. If you want a place where you can explore, surf, rainforest and still have the city vibe, then the Gold Coast is right for you.

Blockchain Collective headquarters is based in the Gold Coast. They have partnered and working with Registered Training Organisations to offer the Advanced Diploma of Applied Blockchain 10747NAT and the Diploma of Applied Blockchain 10847NAT. With several campuses located throughout the Gold Coast students have plenty of options for studying blockchain. Blockchain Collective is a leading education body that is empowering enterprises, students, and professionals for a future in applying blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. 

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