Blockchain Collective Introduces Blockchain Technology to the Gold Coast

nathan burns and austin lewinsmith co-founders of Blockchain Collective featured in 9News Gold Coast

Blockchain Collective Introduces Blockchain Technology to the Gold Coast

Blockchain Collective, the education body that developed the Advanced Diploma of Applied Blockchain 10747NAT and Diploma of Applied Blockchain 10849NAT, was featured in 9 News Gold Coast on April 20th 2021.


Bruce Paige: From handbags to honey, a high tech change is coming to make sure we’re actually getting what we pay for. And that’s just one way everyday jobs will be different in the near future. And you can take advantage of free courses to prepare yourself.

Nick Kelly: A digital revolution is underway. From the beef industry to high-end designers, businesses around the world are switching on to a technology called blockchain.

Nathan Burns (Blockchain Collective Co-Founder): Virtually, every industry you can imagine is going to have some form of blockchain.

Nick Kelly: But how does it work, and why should we care? Here’s a 12-year-old skateboarder and tech-head to explain.

Ilan Lewinsmith (Entrepreneur): Let’s say I wanted to buy, like, a skateboard, and I want it signed by, like, my favourite skater. I want to know that it was from him and not from somebody else that just–it was from some random guy that just copied his signature.

Nick Kelly: It can be used by food producers to prove provenance or even art collectors for authenticity. And, like it or not, the change is coming.

Nathan Burns: We’ve seen industrial revolutions in the past, where jobs will go but, at the same time, new jobs are emerging and get created.

Nick Kelly: This is just one of the topics being explored in a free program through Gold Coast TAFEs. For six weeks, DIGITREK21 workshops are running in-person and online, helping prepare us for the future. 

Karen Graham: AR, VR, blockchain, cybersecurity–so, a whole range of things to do with emerging and immersive technologies.

Nick Kelly: You don’t need to be an expert to attend.

Austin Lewinsmith (Blockchain Collective Co-Founder): They’re not coders. It’s a business thinking, the critical thinking around the application. 

Nick Kelly: Nick Kelly. 9 Gold Coast News.

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