Applied Blockchain Intensive Short Course

Fundamental Understanding of Blockchain Technologies

The course has been contextualized for individuals who are interested in the impacts of Blockchain Technologies across a variety of sectors.  It is a self-paced learning experience that allows students work through a case study and receive written feedback on assessment tasks.

$1097 AUD

How the application of blockchain technologies can disrupt current business models and develop opportunities to create value.

How to approach the development of a disruptive business model through the application of the Tenets of Blockchain

How to develop a Functional Requirements Specification that informs the organisation and development teams of how the business model will be applied in practice

An approach to analysing the performance of a blockchain system in bringing the business model to life

An approach to Governance and Stewardship of a blockchain ecosystem

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Flexible delivery methods

Leading online learning platform

Self-paced Learning

Case studies

Practical assessment with written feedback

Full email support from expert blockchain trainers

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