David Higgs: Student of the Advanced Diploma

Currently, David is a blockchain student taking up the Advanced Diploma of Applied Blockchain, the first-ever diploma course developed by Blockchain Collective. Like the past interviews of other students or graduates of the course, David shares his experience about blockchain and his studies. Like many others before him, David discovered the blockchain ecosystem through cryptocurrency. 


Blockchain student

Back in 2017, David was running home automation and electronics business. One of David’s employees introduced him to Bitcoin. The employee constructed a bitcoin mining rig since it was a bit hard to explain blockchain and bitcoin. Explaining the basic concepts while showing David the mining rig was a much easier demonstration, and from that time, David became hooked on blockchain. David also saw the potential of applying blockchain to many aspects of his business, such as visual automation and home security.

Up until 2019, David did self-learning by doing a lot of research into blockchain. While traveling in Europe, he got to attend a large crypto conference. After attending the conference, David realised that he knew almost nothing despite all the research he had done in the past. He still had much to learn, but he didn’t know how or where to continue his learning.


Often, fate can lead you to what you’re looking for, or in David’s case, it was simply being at the right place at the right time. When the worldwide pandemic blew up in 2020, David was staying in Australia. Since he could not travel, he decided to research courses about blockchain. By some stroke of luck, he discovered the Advanced Diploma of Applied Blockchain and became a blockchain studentBeing in lockdown and unable to travel, David decided to take the opportunity to learn more about blockchain by enrolling in the course. 


When David started the course, the basic concepts he had learned before were now explained clearly. Also, the basic concepts didn’t just focus on cryptocurrency. Much of the basic concepts of blockchain go beyond mere cryptocurrency and could cover a vast amount of topics, industry, business, etc. As the course moves on through the modules, David understands blockchain better because it is taught in a more logical linear fashion. The learning pathways are more precise and more structured.

What also encouraged David to take the blockchain course was that he was investing in himself by learning more. His wife had just graduated in a different field, and they shared the same opinion that getting an education or adding to it is investing wisely in yourself. Getting educated and learning more is not a “get rich quick scheme” or chasing gold bars like buried treasure. Investing in education means investing in yourself, and this pays dividends in the long run.

All this came to them while they were both traveling in Europe, around the same time as when David attended that cryptocurrency conference. But, most of all, it made David realise that even if there were new areas connected to blockchain, such as web development, it would be worth learning all of it since blockchain itself held the key to a new technology that could change the future of business and industry.

It also made sense for David to invest in blockchain education when he saw the great demand worldwide for the technology as well as for people who could do blockchain applications in different fields. 


David mentions that if people want to take a blockchain course as a “get rich quick scheme,” then they’re in for a mighty shock and surprise. As mentioned earlier, blockchain is a technical subject that involves some web development but the applied blockchain courses focus on the strategic application no there is no need for coding skills. In short, imagine everything about the web, internet, hardware, and you need to put all these together to learn how to do blockchain applications. And there’s even more once the practical application side begins.

So, what does this all mean? It means anyone taking the blockchain course needs to work hard and put in more than their fair share of work. Learning anything means hard work, and blockchain education is no exception. But David adds that some of those who graduate from the blockchain diploma course had to learn from scratch. Many never had any background in software or hardware, and yet they finished the course. The bottom line is that as the person learns more, advances more, they realise that the endgame to the course is being able to apply their skills because they learned how to do it.


Even if David is still taking up the blockchain diploma course, he is continuously meeting lots of people in business or industries who are open for the future to blockchain application. As David explains the potentials of blockchain technology, the people who have connected with him also see the potential to improve many aspects of business that are still being done manually.

Even as he is still taking up the course, David has already been invited to a secure position with an upcoming and fast-moving tech start-up company in Australia. David sees all this as a great opportunity to show that knowledge of blockchain technology means you can build an engine, you can repair that engine, and later on, you can improve the engine further.

What the future may hold for blockchain students 

According to David, people need to look beyond bitcoins to learn and work hard for a blockchain diploma. Learning about blockchain will mean investing in yourself, especially if the education means learning most things from scratch. But, it’s all worth it if your focus is to learn and build up to something new for your future.


Blockchain Collective is an educational body working with Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) and Universities to deliver a benchmark and high standard of education for professionals and students alike to provide the necessary skills for blockchain technology and its application for the future. 

 The 10747NAT Advanced Diploma of Applied Blockchain is the first-ever in Australia. This course, as well as the 10849NAT Diploma of Applied Blockchain, is designed to equip people willing to gain knowledge and experience in applying blockchain frameworks to any business framework. Both diploma courses were created and developed by Blockchain Collective. If you are interested in becoming a blockchain student, get in touch with one of the team to discover opportunities for you. 

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