Education Reinvented Because of COVID-19

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in schools at all levels shutting down across the globe and education reinvented because of covid 19. As a result, education needed to change dramatically, with the rise in the use of e-learning and teaching on digital platforms. However, this pandemic has raised many questions about the relevance of the present traditional academic subjects and rote learning. Many contend that online learning has revealed the already present disruptions in traditional learning in the past that lack adaptability and critical thinking. Most importantly, especially for secondary and tertiary students, are the subjects and courses they are taking necessary for real success in the future? Instead, online learning may be introducing us to more viable and essential courses that can be realistically applied and used to improve industries in the future, such as blockchain courses.


The reason students study abroad is to get a better education and the promise of better employability in another country. But with the ongoing pandemic and travel restrictions, the chances of foreign students getting a better life, particularly in Australia, has fallen way short. Though online learning is a poor substitute for the experience of studying abroad, many students, even Australians, are giving pause and attempting to find more viable and necessary courses that could make a real mark in the future.


Even in areas with fewer infections, school openings have been met with disaster. The result is that only online learning has become the only option available to continue classroom learning. Problems associated with online learning such as proper teacher training and insufficient bandwidth that have to be dealt with now ensure that this type of education may become the standard of learning even in a post-pandemic world.

Institutions have been quick to see the advantages of reinvented education through technology. Many students are more responsive and communicate better because they are away from others and are familiar with the technology. Some institutions have even begun offering new courses suited more to the times, such as the Science of Coronavirus, and Psychology of Pandemic Lockdowns and Quarantine.

If education institutions can see the need to adapt to the times, then perhaps it’s also time for you to adapt to something more applicable and viable not only for the near future but even beyond a lifetime. It’s time to see what blockchain technology and blockchain courses can do not only for your future career but also how it can change the face of businesses and industries.


Blockchain is a safe, secure, decentralised, and distributed ledger that can be applied to many industries and businesses, including its sub-sectors. We all know that ledgers are books or data files of records used for payments, keeping of private records, legal transactions, etc. The problem is that should a centralised server be hacked, any centralised ledger can be compromised or stolen. But when blockchain is used, exact copies of all ledgers are kept in different locations. This is how a distributed ledger works. In a blockchain, each digital ledger keeps a full copy of the entire ledger and also continually verifies the integrity of newly recorded information. If any or even many of these nodes are compromised, the ledger’s full information remains intact.

Blockchain Can Be the Key to Better Business Response to COVID-19

Education body Blockchain Collective is working with RTOs (Registered Training Organisations) and Universities, delivering a benchmark standard of education that empowers students and professionals with the right skills for a future in blockchain courses. The 10747NAT Advanced Diploma of Applied Blockchain is the first of its kind in Australia. Together with the Diploma of Applied Blockchain 10849NAT, it is created to equip people willing to gain experience and knowledge to apply blockchain frameworks into any business framework.

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