Australia’s Blockchain Collective Institute To Start ‘Advanced Diploma Of Applied Blockchain’ Course

Blockchain Collective have been featured on by the Bitcoin Exchange Guide News Team writing “Australia’s Blockchain Collective Institute To Start ‘Advanced Diploma Of Applied Blockchain’ Course” on December 7, 2018.

With blockchain technology gaining momentum, professionals across multiple industries are in need to obtain a basic understanding of the innovation and possible career opportunities present with it. Blockchain instructors are offering real-world experience alongside their digital classrooms that help learn the ins and outs of the blockchain, cryptocurrency and adoption. It is, therefore, best to learn from the industry’s experts and professionals rather than go it alone.

Blockchain Collective, the Australian crypto institute has announced the commencement of their accredited blockchain course. The blockchain educations firm is set to become the first to offer a fully accredited Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) blockchain course with a formal and national appeal from all over Australia.

“We are honoured to bring accredited blockchain education to the Australian and International markets. This is just the tip of the iceberg with regards to implementing blockchain and distributed ledger technologies,”

said Nathan Burns, co-founder at Blockchain Collective.

He further adds:

“I feel the timing is comparable to the World Wide Web in the early 1990s. And today, 55%of the world’s population has internet access and use it on a daily basis. Just imagine where we will be in the next 10-20 years, now there is an accredited course.”

What Students Will Find

According to Australia’s Finder, the blockchain course dubbed,

“Advanced Diploma of Applied Blockchain comprises of eight models, with six core modules and another two electives. The educational institute will deliver the course through registered training organizations, intensive learning retreats, online classes, or blended learning.”

Further details of the course also reveal how students could gain experiences like transitioning an operation to a blockchain network. Additionally, the course hopes to prepare students through the following objectives

  • Establish a blockchain framework for decentralized peer-to-peer consensus and innovation
  • Develop a blockchain business model for adoption
  • Learn to specify the functional development requirements of a blockchain network
  • Create trust and activate a blockchain with smart contracts
  • Develop a framework for operating a blockchain network
  • Develop a strategic network framework for interoperability
  • Prepare the organization for transitioning operations to a blockchain network
  • Develop a blockchain governance model for stewardship
  • Lead recruitment strategy for blockchain projects
  • Analyse the performance of a business model deployed on a blockchain

More Developments

Already it is evident that there is a growing need for blockchain knowledge and employers are scrambling for a workforce with these skillsets. The idea is that Blockchain Collective’s course is not the first of its kind to attempt to bring blockchain related teaching into mainstream education.

Back in February, Australia’s RMIT University made its first open source course on blockchain public for students and non-students. However, the educational sessions come with a price tag of AUD$1,500. PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) is also increasing the company’s expertise in the use of distributed ledger technology. Its two-year digital skill course will hopefully reduce the employees’ overhead costs. Last month also saw one of Japan’s leading academics, University of Tokyo introduce a blockchain course that focuses on blockchain application to daily and social life.

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