Salvatore Cambule: Blockchain Diploma Student

Similar to other interviews with students and professionals making a career change by studying a blockchain diploma, Salvator first encountered blockchain through cryptocurrency. At the start of the interview, Salvator talks about investing in cryptocurrency sometime in January 2019 after learning about it from a friend. As Salvator invested more money into cryptocurrency, the pandemic suddenly arrived. During the lockdowns, his friend Kobe started to talk more about the intricacies of how cryptocurrencies worked. Salvator’s curiosity was piqued, and he started to delve into the world of blockchain.


Salvator’s curiosity leads him to discover many videos about blockchain on YouTube and his fascination with blockchain grows. He started learning more by taking short courses on blockchain technologies. However, these courses mostly dealt with blockchain and cryptocurrencies and not looking at blockchain for business. Additionally, he was interested in studying an accredited course that was recognised in Australia.

Salvator wanted to learn about blockchain so he could gain a new skill set while being able to apply it to the business world. He started searching online for accredited diploma courses to discover there were not many options for qualified accredited blockchain courses and during his research, he found the Advanced diploma of applied blockchain. In January 2021, Salvator enrolled in the Advanced Diploma of Applied Blockchain and is now working towards becoming a qualified blockchain professional. Durning his research into studying blockchain he also discovered the blockchain was recognised as an emerging skill on the skilled migration program which could lead to other pathways and opportuines for building a career in blockchain. 

The Italian connection

Salvator hails from Italy. He applied for a working visa with plans of staying in Australia for only two years. However, he liked Australia so much to the point that he decided to stay longer and study because there were more opportunities in the country. At the time, he wasn’t yet aware of blockchain but decided to stay just to study. Perhaps it was just pure luck that he happened to stumble upon blockchain. 

According to Salvator, he likes how in the course blockchain is explained in a non-technical pathway that can lead to something that can improve business. You get to learn how to implement this technology because just knowing the basics will not change or revolutionise any system. You need to know how to apply blockchain technology to a business or a future business plan. He likes that although you need to learn some of the technical terminologies you do not need to worry about building from a technical perspective and are learning how to strategically apply blockchain to various business models to create and deliver new flows of value. 


When Salvator finishes the course, he plans to find a job in blockchain to gain some experience. He wants to experience being involved in a real project wherein blockchain can support mass adoption. In the long future, Salvator plans to open a small business that deals in blockchain. During his free time, he would also like to teach about blockchain. In both instances, he also intends to acquire new skills and learn more about the blockchain ecosystem. 

As a new career path, Salvator advises others to take up and study blockchain technology. Don’t focus on the cost because you need to follow the right channels to gain the right blockchain education with the right accreditation and diploma recognition. It does help if you have previous experience in blockchain, even if it is only about cryptocurrencies or self-study about blockchain from videos, but not necessary. The best thing to do is just start learning. 

People need to realise that blockchain is a technology that could revolutionise every aspect of business and even aspects of every industry sector. Blockchain is something that can disrupt the system of present business models, supply chains, and IoT technology because these systems have tremendous flaws, and blockchain is the technology that can fix those flaws. Blockchain may be a bit complicated, but all technology is complicated. 

What makes taking up the advanced blockchain course tremendous is that it doesn’t just lead to a single career path. The course actually opens so many doors and opportunities because blockchain is applicable in so many ways. Soon, these doors will be open to Salvator as he finishes his studies by September of this year.

Blockchain Collective

Blockchain Collective is an educational body working and partnering with RTOs or Registered Training Organisations and also Universities to deliver an accredited, recognised, and high level of standard blockchain education that empowers professionals and students with the necessary skills for a future in applying blockchain. 

The 10747 NAT Advanced Diploma of Applied Blockchain is the first-ever in Australia. This course, and the 10849 NAT Diploma of Applied Blockchain, are both created by Blockchain Collective. They are designed to equip people willing to gain knowledge and experience in applying blockchain frameworks to any kind of business framework.

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