You Can Take Blockchain Courses Even If You Didn’t Study Computer Science

In this time of lockdowns, quarantines, and the need to stay home, perhaps it’s time to learn something new that could have an impact in the near future: Blockchain Technology. But some may question if they can overcome their fear of learning about blockchain even if they didn’t study computer science. Where do they start? Can they master blockchain? The best way to start learning this new technology is to take blockchain courses.

Daunting but doable

We will not sugar coat anything. Understanding blockchain is a bit daunting, but it’s doable, even if you didn’t study computer science. Taking up blockchain courses can actually be a bit adventurous because the technology is quickly evolving and may soon change many aspects of financial transactions, contract execution, and even data protection and privacy. Imagine what it was like when first looking at the World Wide Web in 1995; at that time, could you have imagined how far the Internet would affect humanity’s daily life?

 So, if you want to learn about blockchain technology, here are things you can do.

Enrol in a structured learning experience

As we mentioned earlier, the easiest way to jump into learning is to enrol in a structured learning experience, as it can explain everything in an organised manner, usually structured into modules. The online blockchain courses at Blockchain Collective not only offers structured learning but even offers both a Diploma as well as an Advanced Diploma of Applied Blockchain.

Read other materials

Nothing beats reading to add more knowledge. Search for the history of blockchain, who invented it, and read about how blockchain proposes a peer-to-peer electronic cash system that can replace the need for central authorities like banks and financial institutions. Also, when searching for materials to read online, try using keywords such as “blockchain for beginners” or “blockchain simplified.”

 Join online events

The culture of the blockchain community is to learn from one another. There are numerous groups and online events around the world where you can meet and engage with passionate people and listen to various viewpoints about the importance of blockchain for the future. You can listen and learn from the very people who engage with solving problems using blockchain.

Continue to learn with Blockchain Collective

You can learn about blockchain by doing, reading, and most of all, taking up blockchain courses. And when you learn this new technology, you can grow with it because blockchain is also growing. Blockchain is evolving, and should you, by taking up the Advanced Diploma Course in Applied Blockchain offered by Blockchain Collective. You can learn even if you’re not into computer science, so long as you’re eager to jump into the blockchain space. Jump in now at their website at

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